Just wanted to say hello

I would really love to be able to write a blog post every week. But, at this point I just have too many other goals to commit to that. So, instead, I am offering this: hello world, it’s me… I just wanted to say hello 😄.

Truly, though. I have been plugging along with steno practice – and really enjoying it, too – but haven’t wanted to step away from that to write up a new blog entry, even though I’ve had several ideas.

There is one thing that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while now that may or may not be obvious about the site; everything you see here – and I really do mean everything – was written in steno. The only exception to that is the Jekyll boiler-plate that was used to start off the site. Other than that, I crank up Vim (actually, I’ve switched to emacs since I started the site, so that is what I fire up instead these days) and then steno the night away until I have an entry put together.

I think one other thing that I keep thinking but haven’t written yet is that I’ve really loved this whole process of doing steno practice and then coming over here to jot down a few thoughts even though there really isn’t a ton of material here yet. It’s already been just a really fun journey and I’m still totally in love with steno after putting in a ton of practice and still being a bit pokey with it.

Anyways… like I said, I just wanted to say hello… and that everything here is written in full steno glory… and that it’s been more fun than you’d believe… and that it’s a lot of fun to send this off into the void.